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Deploy capital and knowledge to make the world productive, trustworthy, and safe. Automation gives us time, blockchain gives us trust, and cybersecurity gives us protection.


We aim to make our world more productive, trustworthy, and safe by accelerating the adoption of automation, blockchain, and cybersecurity tools. We believe these are the tools to help drive much needed change to make the world more equitable for everyone. This decade will introduce a new generation of market forces that will wreak havoc on conventional models which are already in decline. Now is the time to modify those models to shift from how much profit are you making to how many people are you helping. Society has gotten this far by valuing profits over people, lets imagine how much further we can go by valuing people over profits.

The true laboratory is the mind, where behind illusions we uncover the laws of truth - Jagadish Chandra Bose

There are so many issues that continue to plague the world (i.e. climate change, healthcare, education, etc...) that warrant us to look inward and ask, are we deploying resources effectively, are we incentivizing the right things, and what does success really look like? We must utilize scientific methods which require us to define a question before we can define the variables. Asking the wrong question or leaving out variables can lead to adverse results and may do more harm than good or even worse, provide a false foundation to build on. Challenging these foundations requires a great deal of collaboration, resources, and social conscience. Thats where we come in.


Koushik Subramanian

Chief Architect and Founder


Amit Vaishampayan

Chief Financial Officer